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*** We're meeting virtually now.  Contact us for details.   ***


We meet every Wednesday from 12 - 1 pm in conference room Angora (AT01).

(151 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA - 95113)

Visitors and guests are welcome to explore and join!

About Our Club

Adobe Fontificators is a Toastmasters Club (#6274) located within the offices of Adobe Systems Incorporated, in San Jose, California. We are open to both Adobe employees and the general public.


Time & Location:

12 to 1  every Wednesday 

 Adobe Almaden Tower (Angora conference room)

151 Almaden Blvd.

San Jose, CA 95113  


If this is your first time visiting our club or the Adobe campus, please allot 15-20 minutes for parking and registration at the front desk.  When you arrive at the parking lot, tell the attendant that you are coming to attend the Toastmasters meeting.  Parking is free.  



Club information and handouts for new guests and members can be found here - 












Next Meeting
How it works

You are free to come and observe without feeling pressured to speak.  The environment is friendly and supportive.   There 0 - 2 prepared speeches, and with the remaining time individuals can speak for 1-2 minutes about a topic that will be given impromptu.  At the end, feedback is given to all of the participants (how long did you speak, grammer, filler words, etc.).    



If you choose to become a member you'll find that the self-paced program allows you to build confidence with each speaking assignment. 

Guests are allowed to visit as often as they like before becoming a member, and guest can participate in the impromptu speaking portion of the meeting.  One thing that you'll love at Toastmaster meetings is the applause.  Once you decide that you are comfortable enough to speak, you will be applauded for your efforts.

2012 Winter contests

Get ready.  Its that time of year again for our club and area contests.  Our club will be hosting our Table Topics and International Speech contests on Wednesday February 29th.

My hope in this early announcement is to start filling the rolls early on and get people excited about the chance to compete against your fellow Toastmasters.  This is one of the many reasons we practice each week our speeches and table topics and this is YOUR opportunity to push yourself an have fun doing so.  

There will be one winner and runner up from each of the below contests that will represent our club in the Area contest sometime later in March.  If you are interesting in competing or taking on a roll let me know.  You just need to be a member in good standing!
International Speech Contest
To compete you must have completed at least 6 speeches from your CC.  
2-3 Judges  (cannot compete and judge)
1-2 timers
Table Topics contest
Any member in good standing can compete.  Each competitor will answer the same table topic
2-3 judges  (cannot compete and judge)
1-2 timers
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