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Taking on this role improves time management skills.  There is no preparation requried in advance of the meeting and it is one of the first roles a member will undertake.

One of the skills Toastmasters practice is expressing a thought within a specific time. As Timer you are responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker. To perform as Timer, you:

  • Acquire the timing/signalling equipment from the Sergeant-at-Arms and know how to operate it.
  • Throughout the meeting, listen carefully to each participant and activate the meeting lights at the timing indicated on the agenda.
  • When each participant finishes speaking record their time on the agenda
  • Demonstrate the signal device if called upon to do so i.e. if someone mentions the lights when explaining timing then switch on the appropriate light.
  • When called to report, announce the speaker's name and the time taken.  If the meeting is running short of time you may not be asked to report and instead speakers may approach you after the meeting if they want to know their times.
  • After the meeting, return the timing/signalling equipment to white plastic box

This role counts towards your competent leader award and you should get one of the experienced toastmasters to sign your competent leader manual and give you feedback.

Timing software

The club has a stopwatch that can be used to time speakers, however there are also software as described below that some members may find useful.

Easyspeak has a timer function built in to its mobile phone agenda.  Instructions for the mobile phone agenda can be found at the link below.


Toastmasters Internation Mobile App has timer functionality.  To download or learn more about this app follow the link below.




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