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Taking on this role improves critical thinking, confidence and public speaking skills

Before the meeting, as Speaker you:

  • Select a speech topic that meets the objectives of your next manual project.
  • Provide the title of your speech for the agenda either by updating EasySpeak directly or informing the VPE
  • Provide introduction information to your evaluator either through talking to them, emailing them or using EasySpeak.  This information should include the project, speech title, some personal info to share and any personal objective for the project over and above the project objectives.
  • Prepare your speech, ideally at least a week before the speech.  Many members find it helpful to write the speech out completely and limit the word count to fit the allowable time (100-120 words/minute) 
  • Practive your speech as much as you are able, checking you keep to the alloted time.  Practice, Practive, Practice.
  • Use you mentor to get advice, tips and to bounce ideas off
At the meeting, as Speaker you:
  • Arrive early if you have specific stage needs for props or slides.  Check you know how to adjust the lecturn if needed.
  • Give your evaluator your manual before the meeting so they can prepare and also complete the written evaluation
  • Focus on the other parts of the meeting and relax until it is your time to speak
  • Walk up to the stage after you have been introduced, shake the introducers hand and then set up the stage for your speech e.g. adjust lecturn, lighting, props etc.
  • Start your speech when you are ready 

After the meeting, as Speaker you:

  • Collect your manual from the evaluator and discuss their feedback
  • Review the written feedback from the other members (Tip you can staple these into your manual for looking back on later)
  • Start preparing for your next speech

The links below provide further advice



EasySpeak can assist in your preparation by giving you the project timing, purpose and objectives.

It also allows you to add the speech title for the agenda/introducer and to write anything specific you'd like included in the introduction.  Filling out the introduction fully allows someone else to introduce your speech should the evaluator not make the meeting.

The screenshot below provides instructions for this.


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