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The final DCP points

In effect, we only have May to finalise our awards for attainments in terms of assignments- Swakopmund Toastmasters needs 2 CCs and we can make it- but only with judicious planning and scheduling.

This is now a team effort and we (Gavin, Penny, Brandt and Pam have had a few meetings to try and squeeze in opportunities to speak and reach our targets.  At the same time though, we have a new member, who needs to do their Ice Breaker- and we need to fulfill our other responsibilities so the whole club benefits.

This all reminds me that it is not just this short term goal I need to be aiming at, but also the start of next toastmasters' year!  Getting the last points 'just in time' is a sign of my bad planning, however I now have the team and the process so let us succeed now and for 2016-2017!

LABELS:  DCP,&sid=d1d1b550e689f275ce10d02d8ff18fa1 CC,&sid=d1d1b550e689f275ce10d02d8ff18fa1 SPEECHES,&sid=d1d1b550e689f275ce10d02d8ff18fa1  ASSIGNMENTS,&sid=d1d1b550e689f275ce10d02d8ff18fa1 SCHEDULIG,&sid=d1d1b550e689f275ce10d02d8ff18fa1
Posted: Swakopmund Toastmasters, 03 May 16, 12:08 by pammiller    Comments:

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