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We have a buddies’ system designed to help us get through the Toastmasters program and make the most out of our experience as public speakers and leaders. The system has been structured as a mentor/mentee relationship. As a Toastmasters member, you should have an assigned mentor and might even have a mentee. If you don't have a menotr and would like one, contact the VP Membership.  

All the assigned mentors are shown in the chart at the following link: https://easy-speak.org/memberchart.php?chart=9.  Mentors can use the other charts under 'This Club' 'Club Charts' to see how their mentor is progressing with projects and roles.


Here are some guidelines and ideas to support the relationship between mentors and mentees.

Ongoing support: Mentors should maintain an ongoing communication with their mentees. This can be done on an ad-hoc basis and through a range of channels, like catch ups after club meetings, phone calls, chat messages, in person meetings etc.

Progress: When possible, mentors should take interest in the progress that their mentee is making toward their chosen certification. That generally translates to encouragement, support and reminders when mentees need to fill in participatory roles or give more speeches.

Feedback: Mentors should be candid and nurturing in their feedback to the mentee to help them grow, take new challenges and meet the goal that they have set for themselves. This can be done through any of the scheduled or ad-hoc communication.


How to Get Started:

From the list above, you will see that you have a few options available to you. Now, how do you get started? Here are some basic starting points:

• Schedule a catch up over a coffee (using the voucher the club provides) to get to know each other

• Discuss reasons for joining and aims

• Discuss the icebreaker speech

• Set a quarterly goal: e.g. taking on a specific role, not using notes, pushing your body langauge beyond your comfort zone, being a contest chair, completion of an external speaking engagement


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