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EasySpeak has a number of automated emails that are very useful for meeting management.  In particular e-mail 3 should be used after assigning someone a role.


If you wanted to know how to email all club members look at this page: getting advanced 

There are some screenshots below showing how to access the automated emails and the menu screen for sending them.  These emails can be very useful in making people aware of the meeting, their role and responsibilites.  For experienced members these emails are typically all that are required, but for newer members the Toastmaster should check that they are comfortable with their role, or ask the members mentor to check that they are.

There are 6 emails that can be sent.

Email 1 can be used well in advance of the meeting to let everyone know there is a meeting coming up.  This is very useful for special event meeting.  This email can be sent to people who are not members of our club, but are in one of our email lists.  These lists are inactive members, special guests, visitors and mailing list.  Inactive members are actually club members who have chosen to take a break from attending for a while.  Special guest are the most common invitee and are Toastmasters from other clubs that visit such as Area Directors.  The visitor and mailing list are not commonly used.

Email 2 is used to thank people for confirming that they are comfirming to a meeting and advising them that they have not been assigned a role.  This is not often used, but can be if the Toastmaster desires.

Email 3 is used to let people know they have been assigned a role and to request they accept or decline the role.  This email is the most useful for confirming roles.

Email 4 is used to let all the members know there is a vacant role that they can volunteer for.  This is useful if it is not clear who is the next avaiable person to step in to a role.

Email 5 is used to issue the final agenda once all the roles have been assigned and accepted.

Mentor's e-mail is used to advise mentors of their mentees role so that they can assist them if required.


The screenshot below shows you how to access the automated email page from a meeting page


The screenshot below shows you the buttons for sending the different emails and the text boxes that can be edditted.  The subject text box changes the subject for all 6 of the automated emails.  The check boxes for the mailing lists only apply to the 1st email that notifies people of the meeting.



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