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Welcome and congratulations on taking on the role in the High Noon Nelson Toastmasters Exec Committee as


The Role

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing money in line with club's financial procedure and club voting.  The treasuser does not independently decide how club money should be spent.

The specific duties are:

  • Arranges with the Club's bank to be responsible for the Club's bank account.  Note that the bank requires a minuted meeting naming the new treasurer.
  • Notifies members of semi-annual dues payable through invoices, collects dues, deposits them in the Club's bank account and submits payment for each member to World Headquarters.  Currently the treasurer makes this payment by credit card and is then reimbursed by the club via online bank transfer.
  • Collects from a new member the appropriate amount, deposits it in the Club's bank account and submits the appropriate portion to World Headquarters.
  • Issues receipts for amounts received.
  • Makes all payments promptly.
  • Makes payment to Toastmasters New Zealand for the district fee ($6 per person as of 2017) via online bank transfer
  • Creates a club budget at the start of the year and tracks expenses against it, alterting club officers if budgets have run out in certain areas.
  • Reimburses club members in line with the clubs financial procedure.  This procedure includes covering travel costs to area training for all members, and club represenatives at District level.
  • Reimburses club officers in line with the club budget.  For example the sergeant of arms purchasing supplies or VP Membership purchasing marketing material.
  • Examines all bank statements and World Headquarters statements and verifies accuracy. 

More information can be found at https://www.toastmasters.org


Using EasySpeak

The Treasurer can use EasySpeak to record the dates that members have paid until.  To do this click on 'This Club' dropdown menu and select 'User List'.

In the list of users there is a column called 'Paid Until'.  To alter the date for any member simply click on the date and a new window will pop up for the date to be entered.  By default EasySpeak will choose the date of the next Toastmasters International renewals.  This date can changed manually using the month dropdown and typing in the year box.


Bank Account

The previous Treasurer should arrange access to the account (and you will do this when you hand over your role to the next person). Our current bank is SBS, Nelson.


Set a budget at the start of the year and obtain approval from the other committee members. Any club expenses should be approved by the committee prior to being made, and members promptly reimbursed. There is a template for this.

You will be asked to present the budget at Committee meetings.

Membership Fees

Make sure that members are paying their fees. Send out an invoice as a reminder two months beforehand, in August and February, then prod them again the following month. TMI payments are due on 1st of October and April. Under current payment structure, you will be expected to pay this with your personal credit or debit card, then arrange for reimbursement. Advise other committee members that you are doing this.

Payments are made on the Toastmaster International website: follow the link from Leadership Central to Club Central.

1)      Add Membership. To be able to submit payment, members will need to be set up. This can either be done by you or the VP Membership

2)      Submit Payment


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