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Dues Structure

Membership Fees / Dues Schedule for Yammertime

Dues are $60 every 6 months.

If you're NEW:

  • One Time New Member Fee = $20. You pay this once in your lifetime to Toastmasters International. If you move, transfer clubs, etc., you do not need to pay this fee again. However you will need either your member ID or email on file so they can connect you to the right account.
  • New Member Dues: The amount you pay depends on the month you join. See chart below. Now, 100% of the dues we collect goes to Toastmasters International. (Before, we used to collect a nominal amount to be retained by Yammertime.)

PRO-RATED Membership DUES for NEW members
($20 one time new member fee applies to first-time Toastmasters)

that your membership starts
, prorated 
Total with $20 new member fee: ONLY if brand-new to Toastmasters
Jan or Jul  $30  $50
Feb or Aug  $20  $40
Mar or Sep*  $10*  $30*
Apr or Oct  $60  $80
May or Nov  $50  $70
Jun or Dec   $40  $60
  • *If you join in March or September, you only have to pay for that month, but we suggest you consider paying for the next 6-month period at the same time, since your $10 in dues would only be paying through the end of that month. (In March and September is when we would be collecting renewals already.) In other words, if you join in September, you can pay through the end of March by paying $10 + $60= $70. And in March: you can pay through the end of September by paying $10 + $60 = $70.

RENEWALS (current members):

  • Dues for Renewals: $60 (USD) every 6 months (in March and September, for the next 6 months) that goes to Toastmasters International. 
  • Regular 6-month membership periods: 
    • April 1 through September 30.
    • October 1 through March 31.
  • You can usually opt to pay for 12 months (rather than 6 months) at a time if you prefer. 

Yammertime members can use an online self-pay option or enlist our Treasurer to help pay dues to Toastmasters International. Talk with our treasurer to discuss options. Other officers besides the Treasurer are also permitted to faciliate dues payments.

Enrolling a new member

Prospective members 

  • Are encouraged to 
    • Visit one or more club meetings 
    • Ask questions about our club and Toastmasters
  • Complete a New Member Application Form with a club officer if you'd like to join our club. You just need to fill out the Applicant Information section and the Club Officer can take care of the rest. Both of you will sign the 2nd page. (Please do not fill in anything on the 3rd page, as we would prefer to NOT record your financial information to help ensure security & privacy.)

An officer must facilitate these steps:

  • Add Membership via Toastmasters International.
  • Submit Payment of due according to pro-rated schedule.
  • Complete the New Member Application Form with the member
    • Signatures can be done digitally. (No need to print or scan!)
    • Pages 1 and 2 must be retained, saved to our club records. 
    • Payment information (page 3) should never be retained. 
  • Any officer may do the above, however, completion of these steps need to be communicated to all officers (to prevent delays in onboarding, gaps or duplication in steps).
The club votes on whether to accept the new member in the "Club Business" portion of a regular weekly meeting. 
Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International

District 7 Resources

District 7 covers most of Oregon, parts of CA & WA

Officer Information

For Officers:

Officer roles described in detail (San Clemente Toastmasters).

Box folder Yammertime Officers only

Misc articles:

Club Officer Election Process

Learn about the Election process:


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