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Pathways - Where To Start

This is a summary of what I believe to be the most pertinant information available from https://d42tm.org/pathways/

What is Pathways and Why are we changing:

Pathways is a revitalization of the Toastmasters education system. Pathways is not departing from ideals of the previous system that was created in the 70's, it is just creating a more modernized learning experience to focus on the changing...

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Posted: Transformers Toastmasters, 21 Nov 18, 21:49 by Mike Botham    Comments:

A Veteran Organization for the Modern Day Leader

By Emily Taylor

VP Education 2016-2017

Communication is everywhere, and strong communication skills can make all the difference in our personal and professional lives. Our ability to effectively represent ourselves in an interview, deliver hilarious and moving speeches at family gatherings and lead our project teams towards resounding successes fundamentally depends on our ability to come across to others in the way in which we intend. The good news is that despite the popular belief that one must be born with charisma and confidence to be a good speaker and leader,...

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Posted: Transformers Toastmasters, 21 Jun 17, 17:52 by Geetha Nicodemus    Comments:

easy-Speak in Romanian
I am delighted to announce that easy-Speak is now available in Romanian.

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Posted: Site-wide posting, 24 Jul 16, 16:31 by Malcolm Warden    Comments:

Three sure fire tips to boost your career
Posted: Transformers Toastmasters, 01 Dec 15, 17:17 by Leaha    Comments: 0
easy-Speak - 10th Anniversary edition
LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=ce434f3430d12a6cac2eea894f227cd5  UPDATE,&sid=ce434f3430d12a6cac2eea894f227cd5  10_ANNIVERSARY,&sid=ce434f3430d12a6cac2eea894f227cd5
Posted: Site-wide posting, 02 May 15, 23:18 by Malcolm Warden    Comments: 0
Meeting Participation
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Posted: Transformers Toastmasters, 14 Jan 15, 22:02 by Leaha    Comments: 0

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