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About Pathways  
What is Pathways?

Pathways is Toastmasters’ education program. When you first join Toastmasters, you take the Pathways assessment to determine which skills you want to develop through Toastmasters. You can then choose one of the following paths:

  • Dynamic leadership
  • Effective coaching
  • Innovative planning
  • Leadership development
  • Motivational strategies
  • Persuasive influence
  • Presentation mastery
  • Strategic relationships
  • Team collaboration
  • Visionary communication

Each path consists of five levels, and each level consists of two or three projects (for a total of 14 projects per level). When you complete a level, you receive a certificate from Toastmasters International.

You can complete projects at and outside of club meetings. In addition to requiring you to give speeches, these projects feature interactive content, videos, skill building activities and tools for tracking your progress and growth.

What is Base Camp?

Base Camp is the online learning management system for Pathways. You can log into Base Camp from the Toastmasters International website. From there, you complete five tasks:

  1. Take an assessment to determine which paths in Pathways would best meet your learning goals.
  2. Choose a path. (All Toastmasters receive their first path in Pathways for free. Additional paths cost $20 US per path.)
  3. Open the curriculum for your chosen path.
  4. Launch the first project for your chosen path. (The first project for all paths is the Icebreaker.)
  5. Complete projects and levels at your own pace.

Refer to the videos on the right for short tutorials on common tasks you'll complete in Base Camp.

Tip: Base Camp relies extensively on popups. You may need to disable your browser's popup blocker. You might also need to enlarge popup windows to see all of the buttons and other features of the Base Camp user interface.

How do I get started with Pathways?

When you first join Toastmasters, you will receive instructions for logging into the Toastmasters International website. From there, you can log into Base Camp, take your initial assessment and select a path.

Every path in Pathways starts with an Icebreaker project. In this project, you'll learn more about the speaking skills you already have and the ones you need to develop. You'll also introduce yourself to your fellow club members. After completing this project, you'll work on others that further the develop the skills in your selected path.

How do I receive evaluations and feedback in Pathways?

You receive evaluations in Pathways the same way you did in the previous education program. Every time you give a speech, you'll be assigned an evaluator. You can download the evaluation form from Base Camp and have the evaluator fill it out online or by hand. Either way, you have the option of uploading the completed form to Base Camp for future reference.

You can receive feedback from other Toastmasters whenever you complete a speech or take on a meeting role. Other Toastmasters can provide you with this feedback using the traditional feedback slips we provide at meetings or online using Base Camp. Other Toastmasters can also award you badges through Base Camp.

Do I have to complete Pathways projects online?

No. You can prucahse printed manuals in English for five Pathways paths:

  • Dynamic leadership
  • Leadership development
  • Presentation mastery
  • Strategic relationships
  • Team collaboration

However, these manuals cost $45 US and don't include the interactive features available in Pathways.

Can I continue working on my CC and CL manuals?

If you joined our club prior to May 2018, you can continue to work in the previous education system (including the CC and CL manuals). However, to receive recognition from Toastmasters International, you need to complete and submit any awards (CC, CL, ACB, ALB, and so on) before June 2020. After that time, all Toastmasters will be working exclusively in Pathways.

Other resources

There are extensive resources on the web for Pathways. The following are some particulary useful sites and resources:



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