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Online Meeting Tips  
Online Meeting Tips


  • Most participants are using Zoom, but some Webex
  • If WiFi connection is weak – ie, if video is poor quality or disconnects occur – try connecting directly to modem/router with a cable (see “Links” section)
  • See “Links” section for Zoom shortcuts
  • Can use application or browser with Zoom – browser option is ideal if using a computer that requires elevated access to install applications
  • Users are not required to create accounts with Zoom, but certain settings can be saved if an account is created. Accounts are free.
  • Can use phone, tablet, laptop


  • Try and find an area with good lighting. Facing a window or light is ideal


  • Change virtual backgrounds – red, yellow, green.  Some people have found this cumbersome, and some software does not have the functionality
  • Use red, yellow, green objects
  • Create red, yellow, green cards
  • Timer must be “pinned” in Zoom for visual cues to be efficient, otherwise timer can disappear from speaker’s view
  • An audio prompt might work better if it is difficult for the speaker to see the screen while speaking. The timer can use a phone to find a crisp, loud sound – sound it once for green, twice for yellow, thrice for red


  • A speech can be presented standing up and moving
    • Check camera position before speech to verify speaking area is within range of camera
  • A speech can be delivered sitting down - more of a monologue style
  • The speaker can choose how he/she prefers to engage the audience
  • Challenges
    • It can be difficult to present a speech without feedback from audience
      • speaker can use Gallery view to see reactions
      • Can ask the audience questions and un-mute them to add energy to the speech
    • The speaker can’t tell if jokes are landing and may be trampling laughter
      •  Have everybody unmute so that laughter can be heard

Aversion to Online Meetings

  • Encourage people, ensure they don’t have to be perfect, let them know it’s another type of learning opportunity
  • Send out an email after the meeting expressing how well it went and how much energy there was

Meeting Management

  • Assign a “Watcher” – this person monitors video and audio, muting anybody who is causing a disturbance, private messages people to fix issues
  • “Chat Master” – addresses any questions in chat, welcomes latecomers
  • Toastmaster explains processes at the beginning of the meeting
    • Ask everybody to append their role to the end of name so that viewing the list of participants identifies their roles for the meeting
    • Review what’s expected for clapping and hand signals
    • Explain that if anybody has tech issues disrupting the meeting, the Watcher may put them on mute

Fun Ways to Add Energy

  • If the word-of-the day is said, everybody reacts visually such as holding a thumb to the side of their heads and wiggling fingers
  • Choose different ways to clap – jazz hands, for instance


  • Set up polls for online voting – best speaker, table topic, evaluator etc
  • Evaluations 
    • Use chat to send informal evaluations
    • Speaker can private message evaluator link to evaluation form or email it


Online Contests

Online club

Zoom General Help

Zoom shortcuts

Improve WiFi

Use a cabled connection


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