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Club Identity Statement & Motto

As VP-PR, my goal is by our first meeting in September to have a finalized statement of our identity as an advanced club. It will serve to attract peers as members. Your input is requested.

Draft: We are a group of speaking professionals and others who speak to audiences on a regular basis who are interested in feedback from experienced peers, enabling us to continually improve. Our club motto is “raising the bar.”

Expansion: Our...

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LABELS:  CLUB IDENTITY STATEMENT,&sid=f727689764dd55da8edb4c606e514e63  CLUB MOTTO,&sid=f727689764dd55da8edb4c606e514e63
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The Christmas easy-Speak software release

The Christmas 2011 release contains no major new features, but it does contain many usability enhancements and several minor features that have been requested by users.

Membership Enhancements

  • Guests and Visitors more easily managed. We've revamped the way that guests, visitors and new members can be added to meetings and also to the club, with the addition of a Wizard which will automatically check for possible duplicates. We've also added...

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LABELS:  EASY-SPEAK,&sid=f727689764dd55da8edb4c606e514e63 CLUB MANAGEMENT,&sid=f727689764dd55da8edb4c606e514e63 SOFTWARE,&sid=f727689764dd55da8edb4c606e514e63
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