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November 2, 2019

For those of you who missed today's meeting (Delilah, Elisa, Liz, Marcia, Melanie, Monique, PB, and Trinita), here's a recap of today's meeting on the British Musical Revolution:

1. 4 guests attended: Charles Clack (Charter Member of the Club who might be returning to Toastmasters), Brain Brandt (Guest speaker from Pearsons TM Club), Jackie and Lily (friends from Kansas new to the area); we hope all 4 of them join, so please reach out to them all to invite them back!

2. Lark was a huge Elvis fan until The Beatles debuted, sorry Debi!

3. Lei was a Science Professor in her speech and very inspiring.

4. Brian told us about the Halloween Party he threw that lasted 8 hours!

5. Jeff said his favorite Beatles' song is "Yellow Submarine" in his table topic!

6. Stan described how he believes that Yoko Ono played a part in the breakup of The Beatles in his Table Topic!

7. Charles claimed to have a senior moment during his table topic and could only remember Ringo Starr's name so that's why he's his favorite Beatle.

8. Lisa was only 5 years old when John Lennon was shot and killed so she mainly remembered her mom crying about it; touching table topic.

9. CONGRATS to the whole club for attaining Elite Status last year!

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October 19, 2019

For those of you who missed today's meeting (Delilah, Derek, Elisa, Liz, Lark, Lei, Marcia, and Melanie), here's a recap of the ghoulishly fun moments from today's Halloween Meeting:

1. 1 guest in attendance, Chelsea, who won table topics today, and says she'd like to come back again!

2. Did anyone else know that PB had the cops called on him only a week after he moved here to the US?? You missed a great story as to why if you missed his great speech today!

3. Stan gave a great speech about his time mentoring the 2019-2020 Club Growth Director, Kathy Moore, to help her prepare to take on that role for the year, and described what she hopes to accomplish during her time serving and he will continue to mentor her to do so!

4. Monique interviewed Reed about his role as VPE of the club; for not having spoken in fron of people before, Mo seemed very comfortable up there, and Reed was professional as always; we need more talk show guests like him on TV today!

5. During his table topic, Jeff described the Woodstock costume he had once as a child!

6. During her table topic, Debi described being a chocoholic for all of the Halloween candy she got as a child....and I'm still wondering why she didn't attend the meeting dressed like Elvis??!

7. Chelsea our guest talked about liking the story of the movie "The Conjuring" even though she isn't a horror movie fan!

8. Our Area Director Annie talked about how her evil persona if she had one would be a viking warrior queen in her table topic!

9. Jeff had some hilarious videos relating to the meeting theme today since he was Toastmaster!

10. Lisa came dressed as a vampire, Austin and I were Minnie and Mickey, and Annie had some cat ears on; nobody else was in costume today, booo! Hopefully, more people will be in costume for the party tonight!

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October 5, 2019

For those of you who missed the meeting (Annie, Delilah, Liz, Melanie, Mercedes, Prabhash, and Trinita) and those of you who want to relive the fun of today's meeting, here's your recap:

1. WE HAD 2 NEW MEMBERS JOIN THE CLUB TODAY YAY - Please welcome Elisa Washington & Derek Richardson to the club!

2. In her speech, Lisa discussed the current and future plans of how she plans to market the club to get more guests in!

3. In his speech, Reed educated us all on the Toastmasters' Promise and how it affects our time in Toastmasters and even life!

4. I repeated my speech about why I joined Toastmasters with some improvements!

5. In his table topic, Jeff talked about his mom loving the band 10,000 Maniacs when he was growing up!

6. Stan in his table topic discussed rebelling against his mom being an Elvis fanatic by listening to opera music!

7. Lei discussed her families love of music during her table topic


9. Club Halloween Party will be on the 19th @ 6PM @ Jeff's House! Sending out an email shortly with the details; Jeff wants all RSVP's by 9PM on Thursday the 17th!


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