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Once Upon A Time - Advanced!

Ready to jump into Pathways! Several of us advanced members are just so excited and chomping at the bit to get started! What is the most amazing right now is the choice that the new program provides. We have 10 paths we can follow with one being strictly for those interested in professional speaking.

Dynamic Leadership, Effective Coaching, Innovative Planning (AKA Project Management), Leadership Development, Motivaitonal Strategies, Persuasive Influence, Strategic Relationships, Presentation Mastery (no leadership component, speaking only), Team Collaboration and Visionary Communication.

What they all have in common are the competencies of public speaking and confidence. What others have in common are interpersonal communication, strategic leadership and management. Level one for all paths is the same: an Ice Breaker extremely updated which is comparable to perhaps 3-4 speeches in the current Competent Communicator Manual and two speeches related to evaluation - one given and evaluated, the second prepared taking the evaluation(s) into account for learning!  I am very excited to be giving my new Ice Breaker on March 21 at Kent Evening Toastmasters.

What is even more intriguing is the opportunity for Once Upon A Time Advanced folks to continue on the current legacy program, finishing any CC, CL, or advanced awards within the next two years. I have a CC with one speech to go, a CL with one project to complete, an ALB with one module to present. ..etc. I might just get another DTM by December while concurrently working in Pathways and, with just 3 projects in level 1, be into level 2 by the same time I complete my legacy path to DTM. WOW

Talk about stretching? That's what we can do in an advanced club. It will be amazing if I can do speech project #2 in my Path of Persuasive Influence and get those multiple advanced evaluations to prepare for the next project in level one! Stay tuned, I might blog about that as my path includes 'write a compelling blog' at about level three or four!!

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Posted: Once Upon a Time, 26 Feb 18, 01:49 by Neutron    Comments:

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