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Following the Leader(s)

We are often following a leader and, in turn, others might be following us as their leader. In Toastmasters, this is a wonderful learning experience. It took a bit of extra time but member Ann Piraino followed Julie Randall by getting a second DTM. Meanwhile, Julie went on to get a third. Some might see this as a challenge, but at least two other Once Upon A Time members have at least one DTM and still have time to get a second before June 2020 in the traditional system. The best part is they already have most of the awards and portions of higher awards (like district service, being coach/sponsor/mentor) that take the most time.

Shall we continue to play "follow the leader"in our club? Want to take on that challenge? You two know who you are!

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Posted: Once Upon a Time, 14 Dec 18, 00:50 by Neutron    Comments:

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