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Fall Contest Oct 19 at 7.30pm (Online Only)

Fellow Toastmasters,

Hope all is well and healthy. Are we excited yet about the upcoming Fall Contest?

I see that we are still in need of a few more roles and hopeful that most will be filled after tonight's meeting. Thank you all for your amazing support and encouragement.

I am grateful to lead the number 1 club in Calgary and the opportunity to have such a wonderful and amazing toatsmasters!


Your club president,

Baiza Jamal

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Posted: Westhills Club, 05 Oct 20, 22:52 by Baiza Jamal    Comments:

Up-coming Club Contests

Hi everyone.

Our international and evaluation club-level contests are fast approaching. Thank you to Asghar who will chair the contest. This is a great time to get some speeches checked off and a fun way to practice your evaluations.  If you have any questions about what is it like to participate in an international or evaluation contest, or to be a test-speaker at another club, then we have plenty of experienced people in Westhills who can answer them.

The following members will be more than happy to encourage you to participate: Nicki Rehn (3rd place Humerous at Division,...

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LABELS:  CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 26 Feb 17, 17:32 by nicki1    Comments:

Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest Winners!

A great time was had by all listening to the excellent speeches presented at our annual Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest on Monday, September 22.

Congratulations to all who entered, and a big congratulations to the winner of both contests - RICK HARDING!

Come out on Friday, October 3, to the Brentwood Co-op at 6:30 to cheer on Rick as he competes against the winners...

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LABELS:  SPEECH,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  HUMOROUS SPEECH,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  TABLE TOPICS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  WINNERS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 24 Sep 14, 03:13 by Peggy Thomson    Comments:

Spring Contest Winners!
LABELS:  SPRING CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  WINNERS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  MEMBERS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  PARTICIPANTS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 19 Mar 14, 03:06 by Peggy Thomson    Comments: 0
Area J46 Contest Results
LABELS:  CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  TABLE TOPICS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  HUMOUROUS SPEECH,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  AREA J46,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 08 Oct 13, 06:16 by Peggy Thomson    Comments: 0
Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest - Winners!
LABELS:  CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  WINNERS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  HUMOROUS SPEECH,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  TABLE TOPICS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 24 Sep 13, 06:17 by Peggy Thomson    Comments: 0
Results of the Division Contest on Oct. 19th, 2012
LABELS:  RESULTS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  DIVISION CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 24 Oct 12, 05:45 by Jen Smith    Comments: 0
Westhills Shines at Area Speech Contest!
LABELS:  AREA CONTEST,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  WESTHILLS CLEANED UP!,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a  WINNERS,&sid=4a0decbe36efe1dfb942a16c6095236a
Posted: Westhills Club, 13 Oct 12, 06:19 by Jen Smith    Comments: 0

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