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Sunshine Club

Westhills Toastmasters is a Sunshine Club, which means we continue our meetings thoughout the summer and would like to invite anyone who would like to keep their toastmaster growth moving forward.   We would love to have you as our guest! Come out and discover for yourself what makes our Sunshine club shine so brightly.  

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easy-Speak on a mobile/cellphone/handy

Booking your attendance or taking a role at your club's meeting is now available in a mobile aware format within easy-Speak.

The mobile aware meeting agenda screen currently allows you to:

  • Book your attendance at the meeting,
  • Confirm or decline a role that has been assigned to you
  • Volunteer for an available role (if your club permits this)
  • Touching the meeting location opens a map and your GPS enabled mobile device will give you the travel directions if you need them. 
  • Touching a fellow member's name on the screen...

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LABELS:  IPHONE,&sid=4196b7a949f2a660686be91f0e45b93b ANDROID,&sid=4196b7a949f2a660686be91f0e45b93b MOBILE PHONE,&sid=4196b7a949f2a660686be91f0e45b93b MEETING ATTENDANCE,&sid=4196b7a949f2a660686be91f0e45b93b AGENDA,&sid=4196b7a949f2a660686be91f0e45b93b
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