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Amazing Learning Opportunity for Westhills Members
Hi Fellow Westhills Toastmaster members,
Flo Scherpenisse has provided as some amazing learning opportunitiy to our club. I am forwarding her message below:
"I am  is contacting all 3 of my as VP PR, VP Ed & el Presidente to let you know of an amazing learning opportunity that may be of interest to our Westhills membership. 
At this event, Lance Miller (2005 World Champion of Public Speaking - this is the competition, Kelly Kaur recently competed in, back in Aug) will be providing live coaching to 2-speakers along with...

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Posted: Westhills Club, 17 Oct 17, 19:31 by WesthillsTM    Comments: 0

Congratulations to Area contest winners!

Hi Everyone,

It's my honer to announce the area contest winners for 2017 Humorous speech & table topics contest. Keith Hickie won Homorous speech contest and Bev Swan won table topic contest.

They will compete to devision E contest on October 27 at Meadowlak park community hall (623-58 Ave SW). We all wiish them continue to achieve their goal.

Daniel Chen, VP of public relationship


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Posted: Westhills Club, 13 Oct 17, 07:07 by WesthillsTM    Comments: 0

Area Contest tie-breaking Judges position wanted

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

On behalf of E28 area director we are looking for someone who is preparing to take a role of being a tie-breaking judge for the area contest. please contact me or Keith H.

Also, we have a registration link up on the D42 website for everyone to register at.

Posted: Westhills Club, 08 Oct 17, 04:25 by WesthillsTM    Comments: 0

2017 Humorous Speech & Table Topics Winners
LABELS:  WESTHILLS TOASTMASTER CLUB,&sid=2922fbe9e416e73145ac70441bc76417
Posted: Westhills Club, 28 Sep 17, 05:38 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Building Speakers, Growing Members with Lance Miller
Posted: Westhills Club, 18 Sep 17, 03:54 by nicki1    Comments: 0
New Club Officer training event
LABELS:  OFFICER TRAINING,&sid=2922fbe9e416e73145ac70441bc76417
Posted: Westhills Club, 18 Jul 17, 06:27 by WesthillsTM    Comments: 0
2017 Speaker Showcase July 22
Posted: Westhills Club, 30 Jun 17, 06:18 by WesthillsTM    Comments: 0
A Summer of Opportunity
Posted: Westhills Club, 19 Jun 17, 20:01 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Want to be a DTM like Stephen and Bev?
Posted: Westhills Club, 19 Apr 17, 05:49 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Contest information
Posted: Westhills Club, 04 Apr 17, 06:13 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Club and Area Contests
Posted: Westhills Club, 29 Mar 17, 17:03 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Up-coming Club Contests
LABELS:  CONTEST,&sid=2922fbe9e416e73145ac70441bc76417
Posted: Westhills Club, 26 Feb 17, 17:32 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Club Officer Training
Posted: Westhills Club, 25 Feb 17, 19:31 by nicki1    Comments: 0
Christmas Potluck
Posted: Westhills Club, 06 Dec 16, 17:49 by nicki1    Comments: 0

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