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July 2013 Messages from D54 Trio

Greetings Club Officers,

 Happy New Toastmasters Year! July 1st is the start of the new Toastmasters year. It is time to set new goals for your clubs to be successful. I’d like to start the year by providing some useful information:

 1) Training: Did you attend one of the Toastmasters Leadership Institutes? (TLIs) If not, each division is working on or has scheduled club officer make-up training sessions. Check the Meetings tab on www.d54toastmasters.org for Training Events near you. Club officers must attend training for the office they hold twice per year. Please ensure that your 2013-2014 club officers are updated within Club Central on Toastmasters.org

 2) Area Visits: In the next several months, you should receive a visit from your Area Governor. Your Area Governor can help you with any questions or issues you may be having in your club. Use this valuable resource.

 3) Emails: In the past, district officers had generic email addresses that linked to their personal email addresses so you could get in touch with them without knowing their personal email address. i.e. dg@toastmastersd54.org, area22@toastmastersd54.org, divisionf@toastmastersd54.org, etc. Beginning July 1st, we no longer have access to the toastmastersd54.org domain. If you have used these addresses to contact district officers, please discontinue the use of this domain when emailing district officers. Instead, go to the www.d54toastmasters.org site and select District Directory. From there you can drill down to the Division Directory and then to the Area Directory and can send emails to officers from there.

 4) Proxies: Clubs have two votes to be cast at the International Convention to elect International Officers and Directors that determine the future direction of Toastmasters. This year we also have a vote for Proposal A http://www.toastmasters.org/proposalA that impacts Toastmasters clubs worldwide. Please be sure that the outgoing Club President or Club Secretary has assigned your club vote to either the District Governor or someone else from their club that will be attending the International Convention in Cincinnati, OH on August 21-24. Your vote counts!


Thanks again for your service to District 54 Toastmasters!




LuAnn Larson, DTM


District 54 Governor




Welcome to the new Toastmasters year! Woo-hoo!


What goals do you want to accomplish this year? What educational designations do you want to achieve? How about asking each member what goals they want to reach?


Filling out the Club Success Plan is a way to record and track goals for each Toastmaster. When each member is successful, the club ultimately is successful.


And let’s enjoy our meetings, and have fun! That is one of the secrets of having members come back, and guests turning into members.


Good luck to all of the incoming District 54 club and district officers. Let’s have a wonderful Toastmasters year!


Respectfully submitted,


Jeffery Lehmann, DTM


Lt Governor Education & Training – District 54




Greetings and congratulations in your new role as a Club Officer! To help you and your club grow, and to enhance our D54 Marketing efforts, please add the dates for TI’s Annual Membership Building Contests to your calendars:


(1) Smedley Award: Aug 1 – Sep 30,


(2) Talk Up Toastmasters: Feb 1 – Mar 31, and


(3) Beat the Clock: May 1 – Jun 30.


More information is available at: http://www.toastmasters.org/membershipcontests


We’re interested in your ideas about membership building! Would your officer team be willing to develop a unique club plan for our

MPM Campaign (Member-Per-Month) to get club members interested in and committed to getting at least ONE new member each month, for a total of 12 this year, starting today, July 1 2013?


We’re also curious about your efforts and wondering if you’d try some strategies to recruit previous members back into your club. We’d like to sponsor a

RE-MEMBERING Campaign and share your thoughts, ideas, and actions to re-connect with lapsed and past members.


Here’s to a memorable year ahead in your new role!


Pat Reisdorf


Toastmasters District 54


Lieutenant Governor Marketing



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Posted: Four Seasons Toastmasters Club, 01 Aug 13, 21:13 by Somasundaram Narayanan    Comments:

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