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August 2013 Messages from D54 Trio

August District Governor Message

Hello again,

Now that we are a month into the new Toastmasters year, are there any questions that you need answered? Feel free to contact me via the District 54 website District Directory.

If you access www.d54toastmasters.org, you will see a tab entitled District Directory. Then look for me, LuAnn Larson and click the email button.  I’m anxious to hear what’s going well for you this Toastmasters year and what is not.

Have all your club officers attended training? If not check with your Area Governor to see where the nearest makeup training session is located. If you are not sure who your Area Governor is check that District Directory again on www.d54toastmasters.org. Your Area Governor should be paying you a visit shortly if they haven’t already.

August is International Convention time!

In the last week (approximately July 9th), Club Presidents and Secretaries received an email from Toastmasters International containing proxy information.  If your club has not designated how your club will cast its votes at the convention, please find that email and follow the instructions as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more information about the changes to the educational program that are coming in the 2nd half of this Toastmasters year.

Until September, thanks for making your Toastmasters meetings fun!

Respectfully Submitted,

LuAnn Larson, DTM

District 54 Governor

August Lieutenant Governor Education and Training Message

How is your Toastmasters year starting off?  Are you pacing yourself to reach your goals that you set for yourself?

Are you bringing your CL manual to every meeting, and getting credit for your role?  The CL manual has 45 possible objectives, and the really great thing to know is that you only have to complete either 21 or 22 of them!  For project #10, you have to complete either 1 or 2 objectives, depending on what you choose.  All you have to do is ASK a club member to evaluate you, in writing.  How easy is that?

What if you already have completed your CL designation?  Start another CL manual!  How about working on your Advanced Leaders manual?  Just planting a seed for you…

Have you already received your CC designation?  Been there, done that?  Ok, if so, are you giving speeches from an advanced manual?  There are 15 advanced manuals for you to choose from, with a variety of topics.  That means you can continually increase your communication skills!  And…how about starting another CC manual?  This gives you the ability to get creative!  There are numerous Toastmasters in district 54 who are Distinguished (DTM), and have completed more than 10 CC manuals.  Wow!  If they can do it, so can you!

If you feel that you are not able to give more than one speech per month in your club, or every other month, maybe you want to consider joining an additional club.  That will give you more opportunities to give speeches, and take on other roles (get credit for your CL manual.  Yeah!).

If your club has officers that could not attend the TLI’s (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) for training, be on the lookout for officer make-up training that will be available.  Each club has seven officer positions, and the training helps you to get familiar and comfortable with your position.  It’s also a lot of fun.

Our Fall Conference will be at the Holiday Inn in Urbana, on November 2nd.  It will be a one day conference.  That means that the Humorous and Table Topics speech contests will be starting in late August or early September.  The contests begin at the club level, then progress to the area, division, and finally the district, which is at the Fall Conference. 

Will YOU be participating in a speech contest?  Do you want to take it to your next level? 

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffery Lehmann, DTM

Lt. Governor Education & Training – District 54

August Lieutenant Governor Marketing Message

LGM Greetings!

You & your club colleagues are invited to join the MPM

(Member per Month) Stories Campaign

Who? D54 members who invite a guest to a meeting, and whose guest(s) decides to join a D54 Toastmasters Club.

What? We want to collect the cool stories behind the stories. For example,

From the member’s perspective,

  • What UNIQUE way(s) did you use to invite a guest?               

From the guest’s perspective,

  • Who invited you?  What were your impressions?

When?  Aug 1 – Sep 30 [2 months (61 days) to figure out how to invite guests in a most UNIQUE and/or UNUSUAL WAY, individually, or as a club!]

How?  Send your special stories to me @ patreisdorf@sbcglobal.net + cc: Angie Mullin, D54 Public Relations Officer @ Mullin_Angela@cat.com

Why?  Stay tuned for special recognition & incentives (once the D54 budget has been finalized and approved)

Have fun, be creative, and take care,

Pat Reisdorf, D54 Lieutenant Governor Marketing


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Posted: Four Seasons Toastmasters Club, 01 Aug 13, 21:14 by Somasundaram Narayanan    Comments:

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