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   stochastic    (adjective) sto-KAS-tic
   adulate    (verb) AD-yu-layt
   meretricious    (adjective) merri-TRISH-us
   contrite    (adjective) kon-TRITE
   discrete    (adjective) dis-KREET
   droll    (adjective) DROL
   malleable    MALL-i-u-bul
   petulant    (adjective) PET-yu-lunt
   palimpsest    (noun) PAL-imp-sest
   shanghai    (verb) shang-HI
   halcyon    (adjective) HAL-si-un
   skedaddle    (verb) sku-DAD-ul
   pulchritude    (noun) PULL-kri-tyood
   peremptory    (adjective) pu-REMP-tu-ree
   osculate    (verb) OSS-kyu-layt
   brook    (verb) BROOK
   nugatory    (adjective) NOO-ga-tury
   tendentious or tendencious    (adjective) ten-DEN-shus
   arcane    (adjective) ar-KAYN
   humongous or humungous    (adjective) hyoo-MUN-gus
   gallimaufry    (noun) ga-lee-MO-free
   narcissism    (noun) NAR-sis-iz-um
   gnosis    (noun) NO-sis
   trenchant    (adjective) TREN-chunt
   dichotomy    (noun) die-KOT-o-mee
   deign    (verb) DAYN
   maven    (noun) MAY-vun
   cantankerous    (adjective) kan-TANG-kur-us
   hubris    (noun) HOO-bris
   craven    (adjective) KRAY-vun
   heuristic    (adjective) hyu-RIS-tik
   obviate    (verb) OB-vee-ate
   faff    (verb) FAF
   vehement    (adjective) VEE-(h)i-munt
   egregious    (adjective) ee-GREE-jus
   burnish    (verb and noun) BURN-ish
   dissemble    (verb) diss-EM-bul
   inveigle    (verb) in-VAY-gul
   hegemony    (noun) heg-EM-o-nee or hej-EM-o-nee
   flighty    (adjective) FLY-tee
   paradigm    (noun) PARR-a-dime
   hinky    (adjective) HING-ki
   eschew    (verb) ess-CHOO
   noisome    (adjective) NOY-sum

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