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Archive for November 2019
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   palliative    (noun) PAL-i-a-tiv
   slough    (noun) SLOW
   prandial    (adjective) PRAN-di-ul
   ornery    (adjective) OR-nu-ri
   tessellate    (verb and adjective) TES-i-lait
   polymath    (noun) POL-i-math
   ephemeron    (noun) ef-EM-er-on
   shebang    (noun) shi-BANG
   vituperation    (noun) vy-too-pa-RAY-shun
   dilettante (plural: dilettanti)    (noun and adjective)) dil-i-TANT-i or DIL-i-tont
   mercurial    (adjective)mur-KYUR-i-ul
   homologous    (adjective) hom-OL-uh-gus
   segue    (verb) SEGG-way
   cusp    (noun) KUSP
   leery    (adjective) LEE-ri
   mews    (noun) MYOOZ
   obfuscated    (adjective and past tense) OB-fuss-kay-ted
   rinky-dink    (adjective and noun) RING-kee-dingk
   greige    (adjective) grayzh
   husbandry    (noun) HUZZ-bund-ree
   nepenthe    (noun) ne-PENTH-ee
   exude    (verb) eks-YOOD
   stochastic    (adjective) sto-KAS-tic
   adulate    (verb) AD-yu-layt

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