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Archive for February 2021
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   scuzz    (noun) SKUZ
   diplomatics    (noun) dip-lo-MAT-iks
   feral    (adjective) FER-ul
   furlough    (noun) FUR-lo
   thole    (verb) THOLE
   incandescent    (adjective) in-kan-DESS-ent
   threnody    (noun) THREN-o-dee
   footle    (verb) FOO-tul
   waqf    (noun) WOKF
   nemesis    (noun) NEM-a-sis
   stotious (or stocious)    (adjective) STO-shus
   megrims    (noun) ME-grims
   caboodle    (noun) ka-BOO-dul
   psephology    (noun) sef-OL-o-jee
   numinous    (adjective) NYOO-min-us
   cynosure    (noun) SY-no-syur
   persiflage    (noun) PUR-si-flaj
   Gadarene    (adjective) GAD-a-reen
   apotheosis    (noun) a-poth-ee-O-sis
   tenderloin    (noun and adjective) TEN-der-loyn
   prestidigitation    (noun) pres-ti-di-jit-A-shun
   spelunker    (noun) spi-LUN-ker
   sidereal    (adjective) sy-DEER-i-al
   bowdlerise    (verb) BODE-le-rize
   hypocorism    (noun) hi-PO-cor-is-um
   quondam    (adjective) KWON-dam
   cloud-cuckoo-land    (noun) klowd-KOOK-oo-land

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