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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Thursday 16th August 2018
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feral (adjective) FER-ul

Wild, savage, untamed, gone wild, uncultivated (plants).

The man was a bear, unshaven, face mottled purple, his eyes yellow and feral, his teeth broken, but his body, huge and strong, running to fat.

Paula Marshall, An American Princess. Amazon

Her imagination, which often inconvenienced her in this way, began to suggest that, naturally, this remote valley would be the haunt of rabid, starving packs of feral dogs.

Alice Thomas Ellis, Unexplained Laughter. Amazon

As regards the environmental hygiene nuisances caused by feral pigeons, the problem is mainly droppings and it is more significant in locations which are popular spots of feeding by members of the public.

Dr. Hon. Yeoh Eng-Kiong, Hong Kong Hansard, 18 February 2004. Hong Kong Hansard

A major genetic survey of nearly 1,000 feral and domestic cats has revealed that every breed of household cat alive today originates from just five lineages which lived alongside ancient settlers in the Fertile Crescent, an area stretching from the eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

Ian Sample, The Guardian, 29 June 2007. Guardian

BBC2's Sex, The City and Me featured Sarah Parish as a lone alpha female among a bunch of feral money-grubbing males and included just about every cliche you'd expect, which isn't necessarily a criticism.

Kathryn Flett, The Observer, 24 June 2007. The Observer

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