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Archive for September 2023
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   seminal    (adjective) SEM-in-ul
   recreant    (noun and adjective) REK-ree-unt
   picaresque    (noun and adjective) pik-uh-RESK
   pejorative    puh-JOR-uh-tiv
   flummery    (noun) FLUM-uh-ree
   gainsay    (verb) GAYN-say or gayn-SAY
   febrile    (adjective) FEB-rilel or FEB-ril
   inchoate    (adjective) IN-ko-ayt or in-KO-ayt
   sedulous    (adjective) SED-yu-lus
   tautological    (adjective) tort-o-LOJ-ik-ul
   assiduity    (noun) ass-id-YU-i-tee
   berm    (noun) BURM
   verisimilar    (adjective) ver-ee-SIM-i-lur
   parlous    (adjective) PAR-lus
   kibble    (noun) KIB-ul
   corsage    (noun) kor-SAJ
   exacting    (adjective) eks-AK-ting
   mansuetude    (noun) MAN-soo-ay-tyood or MAN-soo-ay-tood
   harbinger    (noun) HAR-bin-jer
   phat    (adjective) FAT
   fazed    (adjective) FAYZD
   salutary    (adjective) SAL-yoo-tur-i
   pernicious    (adjective) per-NISH-us
   schmaltz    (noun) SHMALTS
   slipshod    (adjective) SLIP-shod
   nous    (noun) NOWSS or NOOSS
   vainglory    (noun) VAYN-glor-ee
   upbraid    (verb) up-BRAYD
   aberrant    (adjective) ab-ER-unt

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