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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Wednesday 22nd September 2021
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succumb (verb) su-KUM

Give in or give way to temptation or pressure; yield; die from something.

If you succumb, go for fresh strawberries, fruit salad or, at the outside, a fruit crumble (all without cream, of course!)
Lizzie Webb, Total Health and Fitness. Amazon

The show does succumb to that Cirque du Soleil tendency to dress up the acts with a song and a dance when the skill and athleticism require no distraction, and the women are mostly decoration, apart from the duo who juggle tables with their feet.
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 21 January 2008. Guardian

Then standing in the heat and chaos, listening to the bang of the fireworks, watching the 'guy' succumb to the flames.
Barbara Ellen, The Observer, 4 November 2007. Web Page Name

At Auschwitz, he watched his father slowly succumb to dysentery before the SS beat him to within an inch of his life.
Rachel Donadio, The New York Times, 20 January 2008. New York Times

That night, as my father’s healthy snores rumbled in the bed next to mine and my grandmother wandered in and out of the bathroom, I considered both the nothingness to which we would all eventually succumb and its very opposite, the backside of Tahnee Welch partly shrouded in a pair of white shorts.

Gary Shteyngart, The New Yorker, 11 July 2007. The New Yorker

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