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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Friday 14th June 2024
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prestidigitation (noun) pres-ti-di-jit-A-shun

Sleight of hand.

The pigs were schooled to scale ladders, walk tightropes and perform feats of prestidigitation.

Robert Rankin, The Book of Ultimate Truths. Amazon

By what religious prestidigitation he had trapped her secret from her must remain a thick mystery now.

Henry Sydnor Harrison, V. V.'s Eyes. Amazon

"O Tess, forgiveness does not apply to the case! You were one person; now you are another. My God - how can forgiveness meet such a grotesque - prestidigitation as that!"

Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Amazon

Now, if Swinburne's exceptional faculty of diction led him to immoderate expressiveness, to immodest sweetness, to a jugglery, and prestidigitation, and conjuring of words, to transformations and transmutations of sound - if, I say, his extraordinary gift of diction brought him to this exaggeration of the manner, what a part does it not play in the matter of his poetry!

Alice Christiana Thompson Meynell, Hearts of Controversy.
Amazon USA

The proposal for the semi-commercialisation of student loans is a cheap conjuring trick - two feats of prestidigitation for the price of one.

Mr. Edward O'Hara, Hansard, 21 November 1995. Hansard

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