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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Tuesday 11th May 2021
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denizen (noun) DEN-i-zun

Resident, inhabitant, habitual visitor.

Cohabiting with Sien made him a denizen of the slum district she knew intimately.

Philip Callow, Van Gogh: A Life. Amazon

My grandfather, who became an English Denizen in 1748, was an Italian descendant from one of those Hebrew families whom the Inquisition forced to emigrate from the Spanish Peninsula at the end of the fifteenth century, and who found a refuge in the more tolerant territories of the Venetian Republic.

Benjamin Disraeli, Curiosities of Literature. Amazon

Mrs. Dodd was originally Miss Fountain, a young lady well born, high bred, and a denizen of the fashionable world.

Charles Reade, Hard Cash. Amazon

Other curious characters arriv - the denizens of the eternal party that is Manhattan's after-hours life.

David Denby, The New Yorker, 1 October 2001. The New Yorker

For far less money than the denizens of Bling Row will need to shell out for their air-conditioned bunkers, Gumuchdjian Architects have quietly revolutionised both the architecture and way of life of this much-in-demand and notably successful Church of England comprehensive.

Jonathan Glancey, The Guardian, 17 September 2007. Guardian

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