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Archive for April 2021
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   captious    (adjective) KAP-shus
   sassy    (adjective) SASS-ee
   shibboleth    (noun) SHI-bo-leth
   gravid    (adjective) GRAV-id
   vagary    (noun) VAY-ga-ri
   bonhomie    (noun) bonn-uh-MEE
   tawdry    (adjective) TAW-dree
   canard    (noun) can-AR(D)
   dinkum    (adjective and adverb) DIN-kum
   hesternal    Hes-TUR-nul
   forsooth    (adverb) for-SOOTH
   foment    (verb) fo-MENT
   didactic    (adjective) dye-DAK-tik
   ukase    (noun) yu-KACE
   vigorish    (noun) VIG-uh-rish
   keister (also keester, keyster)    (noun) KEE-sta
   irenic    (adjective)i-REN-ik
   aphorism    (noun) AYF-or-ism
   burgeon    (verb) BUR-jun
   stannary    (adjective and noun) STAN-er-ee
   ergot    (noun) UR-got
   disparate    (ajective) DIS-pur-it
   inexorable    (adjective) in-EX-u-ru-bul
   ubiquitous    (adjective) yu-BI-kwi-tus
   spelt    (noun) SPELT
   egress    (noun) E-gress
   ingenuous    (adjective) in-JEN-yu-us
   meme    (noun) MEEM
   sashay    (verb) sa-SHAY

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