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Word of the Day - for Toastmasters everywhere
Thursday 28th September 2023
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upbraid (verb) up-BRAYD

Scold, reprimand.

Harold, rather forgetful of his purpose, proceeded to upbraid the guests in a positively violent fashion and then, when he had run out of personal ammunition, he said to Haines, 'Joe, tell them of any specific complaints that we have'.

Arnold Goodman, Tell Them I'm On My Way. Amazon

He would upbraid a waiter if the brown sugar cubes were too small, because they must have come from the bottom of the packet.

Andrew Pierce, Telegraph, 12 November 2007. Telegraph

Occasionally, he will even upbraid an audience for applauding in the wrong place or rattling programs, as he did in a performance of Tchaikovsky's "Pathétique" Symphony in Philadelphia in 1989.

D Wakin and J Oestreich, The New York Times, 3 April 2005. New York Times

When, pragmatically, he crosses a deserted street against the light, a motorist stops to loudly upbraid him; Abish, adopting local manners, shouts back, “What business is it of yours?” and is told, in an aggrieved tone, “You’re wearing an eye patch. . . . your eyesight is impaired.

John Updike, The New Yorker, 16 February 2004. The New Yorker

Or they're like purists who cannot abide the misuse of semi-colons or who upbraid baffled Mexican waiters because the phrase "prix fixe" is misspelled "pre-fix" in the restaurant menu.

Joe Queenan, The Guardian, 2 October 2006. Guardian

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