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Tuesday 2nd July 2019
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iconoclast (noun) i-KON-o-klast

Destroyer of religious images; challenger of tradition.

He, the renegade and iconoclast: fighting the good fight, ripping down false prophets, the sirens of hate; putting torch to the bigots, the moralists and their kind.

T. Davidson (ed.), And Thus Will I Freely Sing: Anthology of Gay and Lesbian Writing from Scotland . Amazon

They sneer at your most inoffensive suggestions; they laugh unfeelingly at your treasured dreams of foreign lands; they brand the statements of your traveled aunts and uncles as the stupidest absurdities; they deride your most trusted authors and demolish the fair images they have set up for your willing worship with the pitiless ferocity of the fanatic iconoclast!

Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad. Amazon

Another leading iconoclast, Bishop John Shelby Spong, also had his most recent title on display Resurrection: Myth or Reality? One doesn't need to guess what his view is. The debunking of Christianity continued, with Bernard Boas's book It's Time to Rewrite the Bible. The title says it all.

Elaine Nile, New South Wales Hansard, 4 December 2001, quoting Bill Muehlenberg.

Baby Boomers lived through the longest period of peace and prosperity in the 20th century, untested by mass unemployment, war or economic depression. They were the iconoclasts who made the Sixties a decade of change and saw the world as open to their influence.

Amelia Hill, The Observer, 10 June 2007.
The Observer

But he also prides himself on being an iconoclast and a troublemaker in an industry that is flashy and kinetic on the outside but which has grown conservative and risk-averse at its core.

Timothy O'Brien, The New York Times, 12 February 2006. New York Times

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